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Everything you need to know about Heavy Sandbags

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What is a Heavy Sandbag good for?
Great question! Sandbags are an incredibly versatile workout tool! Sandbags can be used for deadlifts, squats, lunges, presses, throws, carries and so much more! What makes Heavy Sandbags different is that the weight constantly shifts from side to side or up and down as it moves, challenging all those small but crucial stabilizer muscles to engage and strengthen!
What can I use to fill my Heavy Sandbag?
You can fill your bag with anything that will help you achieve the weight you need! Our favourite filler is beach sand (if you're lucky enough to live close the beach) or builders/play sand available at most good hardware stores. You can use dried rice, dried beans, dried corn, things like that, but weights will vary depending on the type of filler you choose. Having 2 filler bags means you are able to split the weight and easily adjust the weight of the bag to vary up your workout. We do not recommend using normal dirt/earth as this produces a fine dust that will leak out of the bag.
How much weight can a Heavy Sandbag support?
The Boytjie can carry up to 20kg or 44lbs MAX. The Meneer can carry up to 50kg or 110lbs MAX. If you do not fill the bags up to capacity, we suggest stuffing the extra space with old towels or rags to give it a good shape for training with.
How many inner bags does a Heavy Sandbag have?
How can I wash my Heavy Sandbag?
Sandbags are fully machined washable in cold water and laid flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Definitely do not iron it.