Who is behind Heavy Sandbags?

Greetings and thank you for visiting HEAVY!

Heavy is a functional fitness brand inspired by the strength and the wild side of Africa!

Heavy was founded by Bryan Gohl in late 2019. 

Bryan's inspiration behind Heavy came after his long journey through mediocrity and poor health, which forced him to keep searching for answers to his well-being crisis. After nearly 10 years of illness, he finally found the ideal lifestyle and diet that brought his health back to optimal levels.


Once his energy and physical condition were back, Bryan rediscovered his old passion for strength training and found himself using functional fitness as a means to move his now healed body to further build on his reclaimed potential!

Combining his new state of being with a longing to return to his homeland, South Africa, Heavy was created first in his heart and then in his mind.

Forget about the stock standard functional equipment currently available, Heavy is here with something a little better!!

It's a good day to LIFT HEAVY.