Which Sandbag Is Right For Me?

Which Sandbag Is Right For Me?

Thats a GREAT Question!

We currently have 2 different sizes of sandbags and it's natural to ask, "Which one should I invest in?"

Simple answer - both!

But we would say that....

The truth of the matter is, they can both be perfect for most people.

Let's quickly cover the 2 available sizes for those that don't know.

Both bags feature the same 7, flexible, round handles to allow for many variations of most workouts.

Another commonality is the 1050D HEAVY DUTY nylon fabric the bags are made out of, seriously tough stuff!

Add into that, the very durable YKK zipper and velcro fastening that requires a pro grappler to get into, and, well, thats a Heavy Sandbag!

The main differences are as follows...

The Little Guy.


This is the smallest of the bags. With a weight range from 5kg to 20kg this bag is more suited to high intensity workouts or overhead work like shoulder press, thrusters, overhead lunges, throws and even things like farmers carries.

For the smaller or beginner strength athlete, these bags are also perfect for the bigger movements like deadlifts and squats.

The Big Guy

Now this fellow is over double the size of The Little Guy with a recommended weight range of 25kg to 50kg max.

What does that mean? Well for starters, most human beings are not going to be able to hoist 50kg over head for a single arm shoulder press.

This bag is ideal for those bigger movements, the squats, deadlifts and chest presses. Those moves where you're not working for max reps but more max weight, the real strength gainers.

Now, there is some overlap between the 2 if you are a beginner or smaller athlete, you could get decent squats with The Little Guy, but for those big strength gains, you may need to throw in a few extra kilos.

Myself for example, I am 80kg and an intermediate level of strength.

I use The big Guy for front squats, back squats, deadlifts, chest press and carries.

The Little Guy serves me for overhead lunges, thruster, triceps and biceps, hip thrusts and the like.

We have recently uploaded some videos to YouTube showing some basic moves for a sandbag workout. Check them out here.

Hope that makes sense guys!

Author ~ Bryan Gohl.

Bryan is the founder of Heavy and also the co founder of Red Light Rising - Premium red light therapy devices.

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