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Why HEAVY and why now?

Do something you love they said, work in an industry you love they said.

Well, I did, finally, eventually. 

Who Are You?

Greetings, my name is Bryan Gohl, the founder of Heavy.
I’ve been interested in health, wellness and exercise in many forms for many years. 

My father first taught me to do push ups and sit ups when I was about 5 years old. A few years after that I began making my own dumbbells out of garden posts and broken bricks. When I turned 15 years old I was finally allowed to join my local gym and began hitting the weights with fierce commitment!

Protein shakes and creatine soon followed after that!

After nearly 12 years of exploring wellness and exercise in all its forms, I settled down into vegetarianism for 7 years under the impression that it was indeed the healthiest way to eat.

After suffering various degenerative conditions mostly in the form of near constant, debilitating joint pain and serious digestive issues, I finally relented to the fact that my diet may have been playing a role in my failing health.                                            

Bryan Gohl - Heavy Founder

Fast forward 4 years and I am back on track, healthier and stronger than I have ever been, mostly thanks to a low carb high fat diet and the variety of other health hacks that I practise everyday, including of course, LIFTING HEAVY!

With my newly regained health and the realisation that being in an industry that I love was the best kind of career anyone could hope for, I realised that functional fitness and strength training was another massive passion of mine but I was disenchanted with the workout equipment available at the time.

So in late 2019 I decided to start a business in the strength equipment industry to make the kind of equipment I would actually like to use. HEAVY was born!






Why Heavy?

I was struck by a bolt of lighting (not literally) in late 2019 when I was shopping online, drooling for another sandbag. I already owned 2, but as any strength athlete will tell you, you can never have too much workout gear.

Problem 1

The first thing that hit me was the serious lack of cool sandbags. Most sandbags are plain colours with the odd contrasting stripe here or there, if you're lucky.
It occured to me that none of these other companies seemed to give a shit about creating a decent looking sandbag. SCORE 1 for me.     

Heavy sandbag pattern
The Heavy pattern took hours to design and is only one of the defining features of the sandbags and all the future products.

Problem 2

The next pet peeve that I needed to solve were those flimsy, skinny fabric handles that the other sandbag guys were dead set on using. I already had 2 bags with thin handles and I knew it wasn't optimal. You can't work on your grip strength with nothing to grip on to. Score 2 to me.

Heavy sandbag solid handles


 Heavy sandbags come with 7 solid, 30mm, silicon handles. The perfect combination of solid yet flexible grip practise.  



Problem 3 

Small inner bags. All my sandbags came with inner bags much smaller than the actual sandbag and this meant I couldn't fill the bag up and it also severly restricted the back and forth movement of the sand. So I experimented with different size bags and found the perfect sizes to make sure you can get the maximum amount of sand in and to allow free movement if you have it a little emptier. WIN WIN WIN. Score 3 to me.

Heavy sandbags filler bags

Both sizes of sandbags come with specific sized inner bags to allow max weight and optimal shifting.




 And thats where we find ourselves today.

Our first product is launched and we hope you love it as much as we loved creating it!


Author ~ Bryan Gohl.

Bryan is the founder of Heavy and also the co founder of Red Light Rising - Premium red light therapy devices.


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