Why Heavy and why now?

Sandbags VS Barbells? Who Wins?

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This Is A Question We Hear Often - “Should I Invest In Barbells And Plates Or A Sandbag Or Two?” Quick answer - both. Oh, you want more of an explanation? Ok… So first of all I am a massive fan of barbells and I do believe if you have the space and the budget, you should get a set. This is not a hit piece aimed at painting barbells in a negative light. I only aim to discuss the differences between the two. First of all there is the cost. Believe me, I wish it wasn’t so, but barbells...

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Which Sandbag Is Right For Me?

Which Sandbag Is Right For Me? Thats a GREAT Question! We currently have 2 different sizes of sandbags and it's natural to ask, "Which one should I invest in?" Simple answer - both! But we would say that.... The truth of the matter is, they can both be perfect for most people. Let's quickly cover the 2 available sizes for those that don't know. Both bags feature the same 7, flexible, round handles to allow for many variations of most workouts. Another commonality is the 1050D HEAVY DUTY nylon fabric the bags are made out of, seriously tough stuff! Add...

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The who's, the why's and the what's.

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Why HEAVY and why now? Do something you love they said, work in an industry you love they said. Well, I did, finally, eventually.  Who Are You? Greetings, my name is Bryan Gohl, the founder of Heavy. I’ve been interested in health, wellness and exercise in many forms for many years.  My father first taught me to do push ups and sit ups when I was about 5 years old. A few years after that I began making my own dumbbells out of garden posts and broken bricks. When I turned 15 years old I was finally allowed to join my...

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