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Why Did I Decide to Call My Sandbags Heavy

The name for Heavy Sandbags has been brewing for a while... 

Well, for starters I think it kind of suits a business that sells heavy stuff.

Also, I think it’s better than 98% of the names of other businesses in the functional equipment space.

But hey, opinions.

The main reason I chose it is because it was inspired by one of my best friends, Brett.

It’s just an expression he always uses.

As in, “ Did you hear Phil crashed his car into a hedge last night?”

“ That’s heavy man”

“Bro, I went for my max deadlift and popped a disc!”

  “That’s heavy man.” 


Granted, the phrase is mostly used in a negative context, but I like it.

Plus it sounds great when you say, “ Check out my new Heavy sandbag/ Heavy kettlebells / Heavy Barbells…”  

Another one of my inspirations is Africa, where I was born and raised, and all the heavy animals that inhabit that place.

Now they're HEAVY!



Author ~ Bryan Gohl.

Bryan is the founder of Heavy and also the co founder of Red Light Rising - Premium red light therapy devices.

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